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Ohio State releases trailer for bounce-back game against Army (Video)

“Summer’s heat or winter’s cold, the seasons pass the years will roll, time and change will surely show, how firm thy friendship, OHIO!”

This time, the trailer doesn’t start off getting the viewer hyped up, it instead uses the Ohio State’s Carmen Ohio over a dark, foggy Ohio Stadium. There’s a reason for this, just like Urban Meyer seems to have a reason for everything he does.

Coming off a disappointing and upsetting loss to Oklahoma last Saturday, some of Buckeye Nation seemed to be in  dark place. They forget that it’s just one game. While Ohio State may have struggled immensely in some areas, if they improve and win out, they will make the Big Ten Championship game. If they win that, they will be Playoff bound. Amidst a dark, foggy Horshoe, the Buckeyes have their arms around another, almost likey they will never give up on each other.

“There’s nothing like an angry football team, nothing like an angry staff. Let’s go! On the field, I want to see it. I need some dogs, man! … It’s gut check time.”

Those words were echoed by Meyer to his team. They not only have an angry team and staff, but the Buckeyes have an angry fan base as well. A fan base that will still support their team but are upset at the events that took place last Saturday. Gut check time, you ask? Currently 1-1, there are plenty of improvements that must take place if the Buckeyes want to achieve what they set out to take prior to the season.

With plenty of highlights of the season opener against Indiana and not so much against Oklahoma, the Ohio State video and graphic team did their best to prepare Buckeye Nation for this weekend’s matchup against Army. While it’s for the fans, if any players need to get hyped up for the game, they should just watch this.

The Buckeyes will look to bounce back while they host Army at the Shoe. this Saturday. Kickoff is schedule for 4:30 p.m. ET.

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