Intrigue and questions surround Browns four quarterbacks

DeShone Kizer is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns going into Sunday’s Week 1 game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is no question or controversy surrounding him. But, the rest of the quarterback room is in a weird state. After picking up Josh Woodrum off waivers on Sunday, the Browns currently have four quarterbacks on the 53-man roster in DeShone Kizer, Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan and now Woodrum. Most teams carry three with some just holding two on their roster.

What are the Browns doing with the packed quarterback room?

Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson answered that question in Monday’s press conference. “I think the most important thing is obviously we still have some young players and here is a chance to see another potential player [QB Josh Woodrum] who has some characteristics that we like,” Jackson responded. “I think it will be temporary. I think we are taking a look-see at a guy. How it is all going to unfold, I don’t know. We will get to that here, I am sure, by the end of the week.”

This means the Browns will likely not hold four quarterbacks going into the season. He mentioned it was temporary for the team to have four quarterbacks. The Browns roster is still fluid with a few more changes probably coming down the pipeline before we get to Sunday’s game.

With four quarterbacks on the roster, Jackson will decide on who will be Kizer’s backup for the season. “What we are going to do is, obviously, we practice tomorrow so I am going to go through this week,” said Jackson. “As the game plan unfolds, I will make that decision who the backup quarterback will be.” He went on to say that when he chooses the backup quarterback he will keep the quarterback in that spot for the season and not look to change it week to week.

The Browns quarterback unit is young with little experience in the league. None of the four quarterbacks have won a single game in the NFL. But, Jackson is not worried. “You know what is interesting,” laughed Jackson. “I kind of had a little bit of that a year ago so I don’t think that is what is important. I have said that before. What is important is how we want to play on offense in our system and getting to play. This is a new year so we are starting over a little bit. DeShone is our starter, and he has not played one regular season game so we were going to have a quarterback that was going to have a 0-0 record. Hopefully, we can earn some wins this year.”

Through this week and the full season, the Browns quarterback position continues to hold tons of intrigue.

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