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Buckeyes release trailer for primetime matchup against Oklahoma

Jack Westerheide / The Lantern

“Hey, if you scared, you don’t wanna go hard? I don’t need no pretenders, man. I need my brothers out here, man. Let’s go get what we deserve, man. Take all and leave nothing.”

That statement echoed by Ohio State defensive end Jalyn Holmes has already helped the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Indiana to start the season 1-0, and the video and graphic team thought it was good enough to get all of the scarlet and gray ready for Saturday night’s prime time top-5 matchup between Ohio State and Oklahoma as well.

“Love your brother, play for your brother, win for your brother.” If Holmes’ statement wasn’t good enough, defensive coordinator Greg Schiano added that in order to get the Buckeyes to play with heart and for their brothers.

The video features The Best Damn Band In The Land, plenty of Buckeye Nation, and some of the top highlights from last year’s matchup against Oklahoma to go along with some of the top highlights from Ohio State’s win at Indiana in the season opener.

“Look them in the eye, hit’em in the mouth, and rock their world.” It sounds so simple, but yet that’s exactly what Ohio State has to do. If they are tougher than the Sooners and rock their world by beating them so bad like they did a year ago, it will be a huge win in the second week of the season for the scarlet and gray.

If the hype video wasn’t enough to get Buckeye Nation ready, College Gameday will also be in Columbus Saturday morning to get fans prepared for the game as well. In one of the biggest non-conference games in recent memory for the scarlet and gray, the Sooners travel to Ohio State to take on the Buckeyes looking to redeem their embarrassing loss last season, when the Bucks dominated Oklahoma in Norman, 45-24.

One of the most anticipated matchups of the college football season is set to kickoff at 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday night.

Is it Saturday night yet? This video makes me want to run through a wall.

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