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Browns vs Ravens Preview: WFNY Video Shorts

Riding the momentum of a solid Week 1 performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cleveland Browns look to come out against the Baltimore Ravens and again prove they aren’t the same old Browns.

Mike Hattery and I got in full Cleveland mode as we visited the Great Lakes Brewing Company before sitting down in front of the iconic West Side Market to discuss our thoughts on this week’s game. The Steelers presented a difficult challenge for a young team in the first week of the season, but if the Browns are looking to make a jump from a 1-15 bottom-dweller to more of a middle-of-the-pack squad, this Ravens team should be a good litmus test.

For me, the offensive line and secondary at the big question marks. The Browns put a lot of draft picks and free agent dollars in the offensive line and last week struggled both with the running game and keeping Deshone Kizer upright. For the secondary, Antonio Brown is an unfair gauge of where they stand. This week’s match-up against a weak wide receivers unit and a mediocre quarterback in Joe Flacco will likely tell us more about that unit.

For Mike, it’s all Kizer. Can he build off of last week? But he, too, is interested in the secondary. They didn’t look overwhelmed last week and as one of the weaker units, if they can show solid play it could really elevate the entire defense.

Here’s this week’s conversation:

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