Browns at Colts Week 3 Preview: WFNY Video Shorts

After facing two tough opponents to open the season, it’s no longer about how the Browns look, it’s about looking for a win. The Indianapolis Colts provide a nice litmus test of where the Browns used to be and where they want to be. The Colts are bottoming out (though perhaps unintentionally) and without the injured Andrew Luck, have very few strengths. The Browns spent the offseason riding high; both in their draft picks and the price of their free agent acquisitions. Last week may have been a reality check that Cleveland isn’t quite ready to be in the middle-of-the pack of the NFL, but this week is a chance to show they aren’t still bottom-feeders, either.

Jake Burns and Jeff Nomina break down this week’s matchup in the video below. Jake looks in depth at what to expect from the Colts and areas where they might be able to hurt the Browns, as well as what he wants to see from Cleveland this week.

There are quite a few storylines heading into the Week 3 matchup, as the usage of Jabrill Peppers continues to be a story. The Browns have been lining the rookie safety up 20 plus yards from the line of scrimmage, sacrificing shorter routes as he works his way back to the line of scrimmage. Playing a team with less of a passing threat, does Peppers get moved closer to the line?

Isaiah Crowell has been a story all season. The talented back has struggled to get in a rhythm all season and this week went back and forth with Head Coach Hue Jackson about his contract. Are the Browns’ issues in the ground game due to Crow, the offensive line, or Hue Jackson’s pass-heavy offense?

And no Browns season would be complete without questions at quarterback. DeShone Kizer had a terrible performance in Week 2 as he battled migraines. Can he bounce back even without Corey Coleman, who was lost to another hand injury? Kizer is young and was playing in his first road game, but unfortunately for him, the Browns need to find out whether he’s the long-term answer this season as they enter one of their last drafts with what is likely to be a fairly high pick.

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