Orange and Brown Scrimmage is first test for Browns QB competition

The Cleveland Browns are in the midst of yet another quarterback competition. This year’s battle is a three-man race between, Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer and Brock Osweiler. The quarterbacks have been battling throughout the first seven days of training camp with none of the signal callers emerging from the fray. So, the Orange and Brown Scrimmage on Friday at FirstEnergy Stadium will be a very big test for the quarterbacks to see if one of them can propel himself ahead of the pack.

Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson remarked on this fact that the scrimmage will be an important step for the competition. Jackson said, “…I think all four [quarterbacks] need to show me something tomorrow, not just him [Cody Kessler]. They all need to go out and play well.” The scrimmage will be a live game with tackling and game-like conditions. The teams will be split up with the No. 1 offense going against the No. 2 defense and the No. 2 offense going against the No. 1 defense. So, it will be a good barometer of where we are in the competition. It will also be the best test so far in training camp to see which quarterback plays the best when the real action is happening and they are in a game situation.

Last season, Coach Jackson named Robert Griffin III the starting quarterback before the first preseason game of the season. He wanted to have the position set, so Griffin could develop with his fellow first team offensive players. But, this season the process could take longer. “I have told you guys I am not going to rush,” said Jackson. “I appreciate you all and I appreciate our fans, but it is too important of a decision to get right for our football team.” This means we could see the Browns going later in the preseason before naming their starting quarterback.

This statement notes the closeness of the competition and the inability of any of the quarterbacks to really shine above the rest and be the leader in the race. Each one of the three players has their own justification to be the starter. Cody Kessler led the team in starts last year and has the most experience in Jackson’s offense. Brock Osweiler has the most NFL experience and has shown the ability to win in the NFL. DeShone Kizer is the bright young quarterback with the physical talent that is untouched by either of the other two quarterbacks. Who will be the starting quarterback for the Browns? Who knows right now. But, the Orange and Brown Scrimmage on Friday should be a good check of where the competition is and how close one of the three quarterbacks is to winning the job.