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LeBron, Kyrie, Mark Price lead All-Time Cavs roster on NBA 2K18

NBA2K has been by far and away the top-selling NBA video game over the last decade. Although they have done such a great job at improving graphics, gameplay, and some other random things, their biggest improvement may be what they added to NBA 2k18, which will feature Kyrie Irving on the cover. For the first time, they have added All-Time teams for all 30 franchises. Looking at each team, every team looks dominant. Whether it’s old, young, current, or past, NBA2K did their best to assemble a 15-player roster for each franchise. Here’s a look at the All-Time Cavs:

They may only have two current Cavs (LeBron James and Kevin Love) and one current NBA player (Kyrie Irving), but this roster is loaded and is one that many Cavs fans will love. It was expected, but No. 23 received the highest ranking possible. 99s don’t come around too often in video games anymore, but it’s well-deserved for the King.

One of the biggest questions from most people seems to be how Tyrone Hill made the cut over John “Hot Rod” Williams. Williams seems to be very underrated, but then again, many Cavaliers have been. Another one is Anderson Varejao. He was good during his time in Cleveland but all-time worthy? That’s questionable.

Keep in mind, retired players who are on these rosters are required to receive compensation for their likeness to be included in the game. If a player didn’t want to be in the game or was asking for too much money, 2K would be forced to not include them, which seems to have happpened for some players and teams. Either way, it’s still cool (and fun) to see the teams that they put together, though.

Do you agree with these 15 players? Who else should have made the team? Who shouldn’t have made the team? There are plenty of arguments that can be made for other players as well. Sound off in the comments below.