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Hue Jackson hopes to name starting quarterback by Wednesday

“I kind of want to put this thing to bed by Wednesday.” This was Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson on the team’s quarterback competition after Cleveland’s 10-6 preseason victory over the New York Giants on Monday night. The competition for the starting quarterback job for the Browns has been between Brock Osweiler, DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler with Osweiler and Kizer neck and neck for the job.

“I will watch the tape,” Jackson said following the team’s second preseason victory. “There were some things that I felt on the sidelines just being out there watching the game, calling the plays and watching how things happen. Like I told you guys, I hope by Wednesday of this upcoming week we will have a decision of where we are headed, and I think that is what we have to do.” But, the tape of Monday night’s game will not be very definitive for any of the three players in the battle.

Brock Osweiler started the game for the Browns. He ended up completing 6-for-8 passes for 25 yards and an interception. He has yet to lead the offense to a touchdown (or any points) so far through two games of the preseason. DeShone Kizer replaced Osweiler under center as the second man in the quarterback rotation. He had a little more success than Osweiler, completing 8-for-13 passes for 74 yards and rushing for 35 yards and a touchdown. He was responsible for leading the offense to all of the team’s scoring on Monday. Kessler was the third quarterback off the bench. The often-forgotten quarterback completed 7-for-7 passes for 50 yards.

Jackson thought both Osweiler and Kizer had their ups and downs during Monday’s game. But, he did not want to give a conclusive answer on how each of them did relative to the competition. “I want to watch the tape before I give you an honest assessment of both those guys,” Jackson stated.

Even though the decision seems to be a tough one to decide, Jackson seems to have an idea of whom he will choose. “I need to watch the tape and honestly answer that question, but I have an idea in my mind based on what I felt and what I saw from our football team,” said Jackson. “We will just kind of go from there.” Monday’s game seemed to muddy the water on the quarterback competition in my mind, but Jackson seems to be settling on one of the three quarterbacks. Who will it be?