How much will Michael Brantley play in the playoffs?

Craig Lyndall, Mike Hattery and Josh Poloha got together to talk Tribe and 2017 MLB playoffs. Well actually, Hattery talked a lot and Craig and Josh asked a lot of questions.

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  • How does the 2017 Indians team compare to the 2016 version?
  • How do the 2017 Red Sox compare to the 2016 version with David Ortiz?
  • How much did luck play a role in the 2016 Cleveland Indians?
  • How confident are we that the Indians will win the Central?
  • Who would be the most marginal contributor for the Indians in the 2017 MLB Playoffs?
  • Could Jay Bruce supplant Michael Brantley as a starter at times?
  • Should Jay Bruce supplant Michael Brantley at times?
  • How would Cleveland Indians fans deal with a Michael Brantley benching?
  • How much questioning of Terry Francona makes sense during the regular season?