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Dan Gilbert, LeBron thank Kyrie Irving for his time with Cavs

With how things ended between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving, plenty could have been said (or not said) by current Cavaliers players, coaches, and members of the front office following the announcement that Uncle Drew had been traded to the Boston Celtics.

After he requested a trade one month and two days ago, things seemed to have gotten a little strange between Irving and the organization. Why did he ask to be traded? Did LeBron James have anything to do with it? How does Irving feel about owner Dan Gilbert? Those, along with so much more began circling through peoples’ minds.

But, even with all of that, both James and Gilbert took some time to thank Irving for his time with the Cavaliers.

Having spent three seasons- and there trips to the NBA Finals- with him in Cleveland, No. 23 took the star point guard under his wing. James wanted Irving to be (and become) the best player he possibly could, all while continuing to strive for greatness himself.

Following the announcement of the trade, James took to Twitter to express his gratitude toward Irving.

In a press release released by the team that made the trade official, Gilbert had plenty of nice things to say about his former All-Star point guard.

“On behalf of the entire franchise, I want to thank Kyrie Irving for the six impressive years he spent in Cleveland wearing the Cavaliers uniform,” said Gilbert. “From the moment we won the 2011 NBA lottery that put us in position to draft Kyrie to the ‘The Shot’ that sealed our first NBA championship and all of the electrifying play that made him a joy to watch, ‘excitement’ was always in the air when it came to Kyrie Irving. We wish him and his family well as he moves on to the next phase of his NBA career.”

Both James and Gilbert will always be thankful for what Irving brought to and did for the Cavs. But, unless they do before then, the switch will be flipped beginning October 17, when the Cavs host Irving and the Celtics on NBA Opening Night.

With Cleveland and Boston the class of the East, signs seem to point to the possibility that the two could meet in the Eastern Conference Finals for the season year in a row. The Cavs and Celtics already didn’t seem to like one another, this will only add to the suspense.

He may not be a member of the Cavs anymore, but Irving still brought plenty to the game and the city. Gilbert and James could have mentioned something about the trade request, but instead, both took the high road. Good for them.