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Browns trade Cam Erving to Chiefs for a draft pick

Sashi Brown and the rest of the Cleveland Browns front office can take a bow. After handling the removal of a fan-favorite but fading in skill player as well as possible earlier in the day, the HBT1 pulled off a coup by receiving a 2018 fifth round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Cameron Erving.

In a move that harkens back to trading failed first-round pick Justin Gilbert for a sixth round pick, the Browns made an intelligent move to add even a small amount of value back for a player who has struggled despite being gifted opportunity after opportunity in his time with the team.

Erving was touted as having fantastic versatility with the ability to play each position on the offensive line with similar ability. The unfortunate portion was that his time spent at center, right guard, and right tackle often demonstrated his lack of lower body strength and poor footwork meant his presence on the line would be to the detriment of those passing or running behind him.

As the organization gave him one final chance to earn a starting role at right tackle for the 2017 season, he was out-played at every step by second-year mid-rounder Shon Coleman. His grasp on even a backup job seemed to be in question and the reports of the Browns putting him on the trade block were met with understanding by the fanbase.

Erving remains an athletic big man who might have some type of unlocked potential, but his ability to pull that potential into actual play had not been seen in Cleveland and was not likely to change this season. Perhaps Mitchell Schwartz can be a mentor to him on and off the field for Andy Reid’s Chiefs.

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