Indians stay up late searching for runs, come up empty: Ball Played

The Cleveland Indians made San Francisco starter Ty Blach look like a dominant pitcher in the Giants extra inning win, 2-1. The 26 year old, left-handed non-ace came into the game showing some promise at times, but he is not someone who should be capable of holding an offense like the Tribe’s to one run over seven innings. Hitting with runners in scoring position was again the issue as the Indians had seven opportunities with only one hit. The Giants, conversely, had four hits in nine chances with runners at second and/or third base. The offense continues to be an issue and the cavalry- Jason Kipnis and Lonnie Chisenhall– are currently on the DL. Mike Hattery discussed earlier why he believes Yandy Diaz could provide the offensive boost needed.

Mike Clevinger says Tribe doesn’t need to trade for a No. 3 starter

The Indians could have still won the game on Tuesday despite receiving next to nothing from their offense. Mike Clevinger has had his issues with control at times, but he is putting together a ridiculously impressive line for the season. Another six innings pitched with zero earned runs (one unearned- we’ll get there), three hits, two walks, and seven strikeouts. The man I have been calling “Results” continues to get them. Consider:

  • Clevinger has given up three earned runs or less in 10-of-12 starts.
  • Two or less in 8-of-12.
  • One or less in 7-of-12.
  • Zero in 4-of-12.

Despite the success at limiting runs, the Indians are a mere 6-6 in games Clevinger starts. He continues to do anything and everything necessary to limit the opposition. Even if it calls for using his body as a shield and throwing the ball with his glove.

Clevinger is the biggest success story of the 2017 Indians. He now sports a 2.73 ERA, 3.89 FIP, 27.8 K% and 15.2% K-BB%. Those latter numbers are important because they are close to his AAA marks, which is the type of control he needs to be able to consistently continue to put up these… results.

Brandon Guyer giveth and he taketh away

Brandon Guyer was in the middle of a huge slump where he only had one hit since June 26 going into Tuesday. He then absolutely crushed an offering to the left field gap and trotted in for an easy triple despite being a player of only moderate speed. It was a great moment and could have been the game-deciding run.

It is unfortunate that Guyer’s image shows up again in the highlights- should we call them highlights? – of this particular game. Guyer allowed the game-tying run to score in a play that would make Ryan Raburn, himself, blush. Jose Canseco is confused on what happened. We are all happy that the ball hit his arm and not his face, but this is the type of play a professional outfielder sort of has to make. When it ends up being the play that pushes the game into extra innings… ugh.1

  1. As if we didn’t all miss Lonnie Chisenhall enough already. []