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Kyrie wants his daughter to idolize WNBA players, not himself

Whether it’s his handles, his ability to spin layups at insane angles and watch them go through the net, or his ability to play his best when it’s needed the most, Irving has made quite a name for himself during his first six years in the league. There are plenty of kids in the world who idolize him; hoping that they can one day be like the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard.

Even though he will always be remembered for The Shot securing the Cavs’ incredible comeback championship in 2016, the 25-year-old doesn’t want his young daughter to look up to his incredible abilities. Instead, Irving wants her to look up to WNBA players. After attending the Seattle Storm vs. Phoenix Mercury game over the weekend, Uncle Drew couldn’t have been more positive about the women who play in the WNBA.

Here’s what he had to say, courtesy of For The Win’s Alysha Tsuji:

“Turned out to be a great success. Got to see all the girls and got to catch up with them, but most of all it’s about the support for just the great game of basketball. It comes all shapes and forms, and those girls are elite. I even saw B.G. (Brittney Griner) catch a dunk tonight, which I’m pretty happy about. So operation attend Sue Bird vs. Diana Taurasi, Brittney Griner, Breanna Stewart and Jewell Lloyd, and all those great girls, complete.

“Lastly, I cannot wait for my daughter to grow up and idolize some of the girls that are playing today and some of the past ones that have already played. She’s gonna love it.”

Irving took to Snapchat to express just how awesome it was to attend the game.

Irving doesn’t have to attend WNBA games. He doesn’t have to promote WNBA games. He doesn’t have to talk when attending said games. Hell, he doesn’t even have to be seen when attending WNBA games as he could have just sat up in a suite, away from everyone else in attendance.

Instead, Irving made it a point to not only support the women’s league, but also give them high praise when saying that he hopes his daughter looks up to the women in that league rather than himself. WNBA players look up to him, but Uncle Drew returns the respect as seen following the game, when he took pictures with some of the players.

The WNBA is not as big or as popular as it once was, but No. 2 is trying his best to let the world realize just how awesome these ladies are. Kudos to you, Kyrie Irving. Not only for supporting that league, but steering your daughter towards it too.