Are the NBA Finals even going to be fun? While We’re Waiting

Hi everyone! Welcome to a tired Friday morning after an NBA Finals game. That’s where I’m going to start, in a way, but before we get there…

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Are we having fun yet?

The Cleveland Cavaliers jumped up the stairs to the world’s biggest basketball stage this week. While the anticipation was killing me, no sooner did the game begin than I read a couple tweets from fellow WFNY’er Jeff.

Yep. In theory this is everything you’re supposed to want for your team in sports. You have a chance to play for a championship, you take it because you only get so many of those opportunities in life. The only issue with that, of course, is you need to find a way to watch the game without literally or figuratively barfing or pooping yourself.

With every blown defensive assignment that yielded a Kevin Durant dunk, I think I died a little bit inside. With each Cavaliers three or dunk, I was given another breath to keep my lungs filled for just a minute or two more.

Obviously the degree of difficulty of what LeBron and Kyrie Irving are actually doing is higher than what fans go through at home. Even still, in many ways I think it’s easier for them because at least they get to help determine the outcome. I bet we are all better at watching high-intensity Cavaliers games than LeBron would be. So, at least you have that going for you. There’s one thing you might be better at in the world than LeBron James.

The Captain Underpants movie is like Disney World

I didn’t grow up with Dav Pilkey’s iconic Captain Underpants books. His first one came out during my senior year of high school in 1997. However, now that I have a seven-year-old I’ve had a Captain Underpants trial by fire this year as my son ripped through all of Pilkey’s books and even geeked out at a Pilkey appearance this year at the Cuyahoga County library. So, when I showed him the movie trailer for Captain Underpants the movie when there was still snow on the ground and now that it’s June 1, the date finally arrived to see it.

I’ll be honest. I was bored. I don’t think this will become one of those Pixar-esque, universally acclaimed cartoon movies. Ultimately though, I know it’s a movie that worked really well. I’ve never seen Ben so taken by a movie in my life. He told me on the way out that he’s going to see this movie “at least a million times.” From that respect I enjoyed this movie very much.

It reminded me of taking my kids to Disney World in Orlando. Even though I’m far too old for most of the attractions at Disney and I certainly don’t care about characters in felt-adorned suits, the magic in your kids’ eyes is undeniable. Maybe that’s only the case for kids who read Captain Underpants, but even if that’s the case it’s a whole lot. The man has sold millions of books across many generations of kids now. Those kids who were around six-years-old in 1997 are now in their mid-to-late twenties.

Judging from the eyes of my own kid, everyone who ever read that book might just be taken in by this movie and finally seeing the young heroes George and Harold brought to life in a way they’ve probably always wanted.

Song of the week: Drawerings by J Mascis

You know why I’m honoring J Mascis today? Because I can. I love that prolific, snarling guitar virtuoso so much and I don’t feel like I could ever honor him enough. So here’s Drawerings.