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CBS ranks Browns’ front office fourth-best in NFL

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have shuffled eight different general managers through Berea in just 18 years, which means front office regimes barely last two seasons on the Northcoast. The “Harvard group”, Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown, Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta, and Vice President of Player Personnel Andrew Berry, hope to add some permanence to the position- though it is doubtful the men before them took the appointments as temporary positions.

The front office went about their second offseason by obtaining talent in both free agency and in the draft, while acquiring future draft capital as well. Obtaining some of those assets even included taking a page from other sport leagues by absorbing a bad contract (Brock Osweiler) to gain more high picks (Houston Texans 2018 second round selection). After all the moves, CBS Sports’ Sean Wagner-McGough has ranked the Browns’ front office has been ranked as the fourth-best in the NFL.

Here’s what he had to say about both the Browns and the front office. Keep in mind, these rankings are only based on what each team has done this offseason:

The Browns had another smart offseason. They didn’t overthink the draft, choosing the consensus top pick in Myles Garrett. Getting a quarterback like DeShone Kizer at No. 52 overall could end up being the steal of the draft.

The Browns are functioning like a smart franchise. Weird.

That last statement shows just how bad previous front offices have been on the shores of Lake Erie. People in and around the NFL expect the Browns to make stupid moves, no matter who is at the helm. When they do something smart, people are surprised and even confused. Luckily for the Dawg Pound and Cleveland alike, the current men leading the Browns seem to know what they are doing though the results have not yet born fruit in the win column.

The front office has received frustration from Browns fans, but, rather than attempt to make quick fixes to create a .500 team, the movement has been to create the foundation for a consistent contender. To do so, a franchise quarterback will need to be found (and/or developed), which something that the team has been unable to do since Bernie Kosar rigged the supplemental draft to come to his hometown team.

For now, Browns fans can watch as the front office carefully puts together a full roster of talent that should show consistent improvement moving forward. If Cody Kessler or DeShone Kizer wind up proving capable under the tutelage of head coach Hue Jackson, then perhaps the team will be something more and the front office will be highly ranked by more in the media.

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