Bill Burr, Cavs, Kelly Olynyk and more: While We’re Waiting

It’s Friday and I’m trying to think about sports, but it’s difficult. As always, feel free to use this as an open thread to kick off the weekend…

I missed the last Cavaliers playoff game (for the most part) because I had previously purchased tickets to see Bill Burr at Hilarities. Despite my sports addiction, I prioritized a theater-level comedic talent in a small club over the Cavs’ playoff game. There’s a version of myself that is more conflicted, but it’s hard to get too uptight about it in hindsight seeing what the Cavaliers did to the Raptors in Game 2. Despite this one-night preference for Bill Burr, I’m doing everything I can to not take this team for granted, but it’s difficult.

The Cavaliers may not get to the NBA Finals, but if they don’t it will be their own failings. They are clearly the best team in the east by a longshot. The Cavaliers still have to play well and take care of business, but they really shouldn’t lose based on talent. I was thinking about it and if you look at any of the teams left in the eastern conference, I don’t think I’m being crazy when I say that Kyle Korver might be the second or third best player on each of the remaining teams other than the Cavaliers. We could split hairs over that assessment, but I think it’s safe to say if you added Korver to either Washington or Boston right now, it would put one of the teams in the driver’s seat over the other.  Speaking of that series…


Our old friend Kelly Olynyk was at it again in Washington. He set a big pick on Oubre and Oubre lost his mind and embodied every post-Kevin Love arm socket Cavs fan that wanted blood. For his efforts, he was ejected. Here’s what it looked like.

Movie Trailer: The Dark Tower

I don’t read Stephen King books. I mean, I’m a human from the United States so I’m sure I’ve read one somewhere along the line, but generally speaking I don’t read him. That’s usually a failing strategy for movie fans as well, as the movies based on Stephen King properties aren’t usually all that great. The Dark Tower, however, is one time where a movie trailer has me damn glad I’ve never read the book. I wouldn’t want to ruin the movie!

Last but not least, I have to double back to the beginning and tell you how amazing it was to see Bill Burr back at Hilarities. I saw Burr there probably eight or nine years ago with my wife before he became one of the biggest comics in the country. The last time he was in Cleveland (maybe last year?) he played a couple shows at a giant theater in Playhouse Square. The idea that you could walk into Hilarities and see him perform this week in Cleveland was really special. Burr has become one of those comics that can say anything he wants with little to no repercussions. He uses that latitude wisely to push the boundaries of polite conversation and cultural convention. He does it without coming off as crotchety and out of touch. I feel like I got a sneak preview into some of what his next special on Netflix will be like and I can’t wait to see these bits in their mature, finished form sometime in the future.

That’s it for me, guys. Enjoy your weekend!