Video highlights of Indians Game 2 win

The Cleveland Indians defeated the defending AL West champion Texas Rangers on Tuesday, 4-3. The young season has seen the Tribe start off winning both of their games on the road in Arlington, Texas.

Game 2 featured a whole slew of highlights, the best of which we feature here.

Carlos Santana is enjoying his full-time gig as the Indians lead-off hitter. On Tuesday, he led off the game by sending the ball over the opposite field wall in right-center. Three of Santana’s four hits have been for extra bases (two doubles, one home run), and he has also walked twice. His .500/.600/1.125 slash is a nice way to start off the season.

Austin Jackson saw Abraham Almonte have a big Opening Day game, and he must have wanted to validate his portion of the great Tribe outfield platoons. Going 2-for-4 with an RBI single sure is nice.

Didn’t A-Jax also score on an RBI single? He sure did. It is quite helpful to have Dr. Smooth back in the lineup as he now has an RBI in both games played, while hitting 3-for-9 on the year thus far.

Just because Brandon Guyer is on the roster for his ability to hit left-handed pitching (and be hit by left-handed pitching) doesn’t mean he cannot break out a web gem from time-to-time. His defense is not going to be his calling card anytime soon, but Guyer made a nifty catch, tuck, and roll to save what could have been an extra base hit.

If you want to focus on the fact that Cody Allen has allowed three extra base hits on three well-hit balls in his first two outings, then feel free to do so. I’ll just be sitting back here and marvelling at how he has six strikeouts in two innings pitched. That’s right, every single out recorded has been a strikeout. Pretty good, Cody, pretty good.

Hat-tip to WFNY’s Josh Poloha for creating the Streamables used in this article.