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Josh Gordon Snaps, deletes anti-Browns pictures (Video)

  • William Scott Eltzroth

    I don’t truly believe what was on his little snap shot was any kind of message to the Browns. Josh Gordon only has potential left to offer any N.F.L. team and his agent has made that clear to him from all his past mistakes. Still, only 25 years old, but at what point do the mistakes end? Gordons best bet to continue and extend his career is to stay in Cleveland where most Browns fans still love and support him. However, one more mistake may end that love fest not only by his fans in Cleveland but the entire N.F.L. as well.

  • Eric G

    It’s actually his only bet if he wants to play. Browns still have his rights for 2 more years, assuming he ever gets reinstated.

    It’s a real shame. He has (had?) tremendous talent and is clearly in phenomenal shape, so it’d be stupid to think he couldn’t still contribute in a very meaningful way.

  • tigersbrowns2

    good post WILLIAM …

  • The Other Tim


  • Carolynglyles

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  • jpftribe

    He’s a petulant child that cannot take accountability for his own life.

    I read these stories about Diaz, Carrasco, Lindor, Ramirez who leave their families when they are children for a shot at the pros and have genuine disdain for Gordon.

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