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A chat with Cavs forward Richard Jefferson: The WFNY Podcast

AP Photo / Matt Slocum

Since his arrival in Cleveland, Richard Jefferson has been on our wish list of podcast guests. This wish, of course, has only been amplified by his use of Snapchat, his winning of a championship, his retirement and unretirement, and then this year’s addition of the “Road Trippin'” podcast with him, Channing Frye, and FOX Sports Ohio’s Allie Clifton.

We’re thrilled to announce that our wishes have been granted as I was able to spend a chunk of Thursday morning chatting with RJ about a variety of topics.

– The beat down of the Celtics on Wednesday night
– His “Road Trippin’” experience
– Richard’s ability to be in insanely good shape at 36 years of age
– UNITERUPTED and athlete’s taking the reins on disseminating messages
– Richard’s battle with asthma and work with Boston Scientific
– Richard’s future in the NBA
– The stress relief of winning a championship
– Richard vs. Vince Carter vs. Father Time
– The Championship Parade

It should come as no surprise that Richard’s a busy guy on a team looking to defend an NBA Championship, so this one was more like a radio segment in terms of length. If I have any regrets, it’s not discussing Snapchat and the fact that I’ve long been blocked. If I ever get him back on, it’ll be to lobby for liberation. Until then, however, we have the podcast below.

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Thanks in advance for listening. All feedback is more than welcome.