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2017 NFL Draft: Browns select DL Larry Ogunjobi with pick No. 65

After buzz-worthy second round selection of QB DeShone Kizer, the Cleveland Browns started off the third round selecting defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi of North Carolina Charlotte at pick No. 65. The Browns needed help on the defensive line next to Danny Shelton and he provides just that. Ogunjobi is a great fit for the what the Browns need, a three technique defensive lineman. He did not attend a big name college, so he is a little underrated and under the radar. He was my fourth-rated interior defensive lineman in the 2017 draft class. Here is my breakdown from my position rankings:

Larry Ogunjobi is a player with a unique combination of strength and athleticism. He is a defensive lineman with penetrating ability. The former Charlotte defender is quick off the ball, able to get the head start against the blocker. He produces a strong and powerful initial punch, which can stun the offensive lineman. He shoots out of the gates with good leverage to make a powerful punch on the offensive lineman. His hands are strong and active, allowing him to control blockers and disengage from the blocks. What is unique about the Charlotte star is his movement ability and athleticism. He has fluid movement skills with the ability to change directions well. He also has quickness to elude defenders at the line of scrimmage. Ogunjobi has the lateral quickness to slip blocks and then shoot up field. He has good long speed to track defenders down and close with solid closing speed. All of these skillsets make him hard for blockers to get engaged and keep engaged.

But, Ogunjobi has some question marks. He is not a long player, standing at 6-foot-3 with 32 5/8-inch arms. This lack of length hurts his ability to stay clean and to make tackles. He can let blockers into his body, which allows them to handle him much easier. He also can miss tackles when he is reaching for the ball carrier and is unable to reach him with his shorter arms. He is lack of length also hurts his ability to handle double teams. He does not have a refined pass rush skillset, lacking true moves. When he gets stalemated on a rush, he does not have counter moves to get free. Lastly, his level of opponents in college was not great, so when he makes the leap to the NFL, it could be a big adjustment. But in the end, he has some great potential because of his power and movements skills.

At Charlotte, Ogunjobi posted 65 tackles, 13.5 tackles for a loss and three sacks in 12 games. The Browns got an up close look at him at the Senior Bowl, when the defensive lineman was on the opposing North roster. He is a player with a lot of upside after starting football his sophomore year of high school. The Browns needed a three technique lineman who could penetrate the line of scrimmage and force disruption in the backfield. This is what Ogunjobi has the potential to do. I really like this pick for the Browns if you haven’t noticed. Here are some highlights of the newest Brown: