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2017 NFL Draft: Browns select QB DeShone Kizer with pick No. 52

The Cleveland Browns started off Day 2 with a huge bang, snatching their quarterback at No. 52 with the selection of DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame. The Browns passed on three quarterbacks last night, but tonight the team took their guy with their first pick of the second round. Kizer has all the talent in the world with his great arm and athleticism, but his season at Notre Dame last year was not great and he also has some consistency. Here is my breakdown of the newest quarterback for the Browns:

DeShone Kizer has one of the highest ceilings of all the quarterback prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft. At 6-foot-4, 233 pounds, he has the size and bulk teams dream about in their quarterback. At that size, he is pretty darn good athlete, with the ability to make big plays with his legs. He is elusive enough to avoid tacklers on the run. In the pocket, he moves well, shuffling his feet to avoid oncoming rushers and extend his time to throw. The former Notre Dame star has a rocket for a arm, allowing him to make any throw on the field. He is able to throw the ball with different speeds, depending on the situation. His throwing motion is clean with an over-the-top action. His ability to make a hard pump fake is an asset to his game. He has good accuracy on his deep passing, showing the ability to complete passes to his receivers in stride deep down field. He can really zip it down the field and make some great accurate throws in tight windows. His toughness is pretty good, not shying away from throwing the ball while taking the big hit. His eyes remain down field when he is pressured or when he is scrambling. He is a smart player, who was tasked to run a complex offense and call out pre-snap reads in college. The quarterback also shows the ability to use the whole field and run through his progressions.

But, Kizer has some weaknesses in his game. His accuracy is very inconsistent, especially in the short to intermediate passes. He can just flat out miss a wide open receiver, even when he is throwing with good mechanics. His feet can get too wide and not be going with his throws. Though he can use the whole field and run through his progressions, he is often times taking too much time staring down his first read and not moving on to another option. This leads to one of his bigger issues, holding onto the ball too long. He can take far too long to get rid of the ball, allowing the rush to get to him. His timing on when passes need to be delivered is late too often. He can create sacks, when he holds onto the ball or when he gets happy feet to try and leave the clean pocket. His decision-making can be questionable. He will not get rid of the ball when a receiver is open and he can throw some bad interceptions. His ball security is another thing he must improve on. In the end, Kizer has the potential with his great size, athleticism and arm to be a starting quarterback in the league with more experience and development.

Kizer completed 58.7 percent of his passes for 2,925 yards, 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions, while also rushing for 472 yards and eight touchdowns in 12 games last season. The talent is there for him to be a franchise quarterback, but he has a lot of development to undertake. With all the clamor for the local connection of Mitchell Trubisky, Kizer is also from Ohio, growing up in Toledo and attending Central Catholic High School. The Browns are taking a chance on the Notre Dame product, but I think it is the right time of the draft to do just that. Here are some highlights of the newest Brown: