Browns tickets, Brock Osweiler, and dated podcasts: While We’re Waiting

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s a great day in Cleveland and I don’t even know what all happened just yet. It’s just after 9:00 p.m. on Thursday night and I had to get rolling writing this here WWW for you all. I generally write them sometime between four and five on Thursday afternoon depending on what the end of my workday will allow. As it turned out, I spent that time yesterday writing about the Brock Osweiler trade. Speaking of which, we’re going to talk about the Browns today, but before we get there Patreon. That’s it. That’s all I’m saying. Patreon. Thanks!

The Browns have a great day, but not at the box office, at least anecdotally…

So, how about them Brownies? Yesterday afternoon as the dust was settling on the Brock Osweiler trade, and as the Browns were rumored to be hot after Jimmy Garoppolo, and after the team had bolstered their offensive line like no time since the days of Eric Steinbach, I asked my brother one question. “If the Browns trade for Jimmy G, are we going back on our decision to not renew our Browns tickets?” Simply stated, and without hesitation, my brother laughed and said, “No.”

That’s how bad the value proposition has become and how badly the 1-15 season stung our family’s connection to our pricey, four-seat, ten game season ticket package. Even after adding a professional football player at basically every position on the offensive line and with the thought of adding the best quarterback prospect potentially available who has also suited up in an NFL jersey before, my brother wasn’t budging. No conclusion. Just stating the facts. We might go to some games, but we’ll see if we can’t buy them for pennies on the dollar like it’s been on the secondary market for the majority of games since 1999. Even if tickets don’t bottom out like they have in the past, there’s no way we can possibly blow as much money as we did in a dreadful 2016 campaign.

So while yesterday was a good day, there’s a whole lot more to prove.

Podcasting too early can leave your podcasts dated…

I did a podcast about the Browns after the Bitonio news. Surely that would be the only thing the Browns do all day, right? Wrong. Anyway, please check out the episode.

Download the MP3

About all these contracts…

We’ll obviously have all the real numbers soon, but in the meantime…

Tretter got 3 years and $10 million guaranteed.

Kenny Britt got 4 years and $32.5 million with $17 million guaranteed.

The Zeitler contract though, sounds like the bidness. Five years, $60 mil and $31.5 mil guaranteed? Whoooo boy!

Joel Bitonio also got paid, even if not quite as drastically as Kevin Zeitler.

And it’s not over yet. The Browns are sure to make some more moves. Other than the Britt contract which seems like one that could be *ahem* inefficient, the rest of these are nice bets if you’re going to pony up ridiculous cash. Paying money to linemen always feels like less of a risk. As Mike Lombardi said on The Ringer, these guys aren’t generally impacted and continue to tote their “lunch pails” to work. I mean, yuck, but I agree.

Last but not least, the lost millions…

I was thinking about a lot of Browns things and I stumbled upon this old Crain’s Cleveland post by Kevin Kleps talking about all the buyout money the Browns have paid out over the years. With the Osweiler contract purchase, I thought it was an interesting read.

The seven coaches were fired with a combined 18 years remaining on their contracts, which brings us to what might be the most amazing number of all. The Browns’ head coaches, prior to Hue Jackson, had one more year left on their contracts when they were fired (18) than the number of seasons they spent coaching the team (16 years and 11 games).

If you count Crennel’s remaining salary at $10 million, the seven fired coaches were owed about $55.9 million when they were told their services were no longer needed.

And meanwhile all any of us ever wanted from the Browns was a win and here they are handing out millions for people not to work. We really are dumb. 🙂


Have a great weekend.