WFNY Owner’s Meeting on the Browns and the media

AP Photo/Steven Senne

This is the second time we’ve been able to have a WFNY owner’s meeting podcast. Scott, Andrew and Craig jumped on the podcast to talk about some current events as well as the media environment. So, have a listen and feel free to leave us your comments on these topics below.

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  • The Browns and continuity
  • The war on the beat reporters
  • JLC and how he reports on the Browns
  • Does being negative hurt the reporter’s ability to do their job?
  • National beat reporters versus local beat reporters
  • Brian Windhorst reporting on LeBron’s first year back with Blatt
  • Kyrie not being happy sharing the court with Dion Waiters
  • Luol Deng and his tenure with the Cavaliers
  • What is an “accurate” report?
  • The Kevin Love reporting about his “unhappiness”