Finding positivity in the Cavaliers’ struggles: While We’re Waiting

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It might be good that the Cavaliers are struggling

I think there are a lot of cases in professional sports where fans and commentators use wishful thinking rather than some kind of logic. It’s with this knowledge that I carefully wade into the pool of positivity regarding the recent skirmish of words between the Cavaliers, their management, and the rumor mill. Seeing the glass as half full or making lemonade out of lemons is in my nature, but I don’t think I’m being blind when I suggest that all this strife is potentially a positive thing because it gets it out of the way well ahead of the playoffs.

I’m sure I’ve suggested that unquestionably bad things were positive with regard to the Indians and Browns before. Certainly, in the case of the Browns I was always wrong. There’s never been anything positive with the Browns, as we all know. However, with the Cavaliers it’s different.The Cavaliers are struggling their way through this part of the season. They’ve got to be feeling a bit of a hangover from winning the championship. Maybe it’s some awkwardness with the roster, but you have to think that there’s some issue of getting motivated for the grinding regular season. If they are going to get refocused and make a run, and if the Cavaliers were going to have any kinds of issues this season, now’s really the time to have them, right?

The facts are that the Cavaliers have roster flexibility second only to the pre-Durant Warriors. I have no doubt that leading up to the trade deadline the Cavaliers will have a chance to test Dan Gilbert’s check book further than it’s being tested today. Until proven otherwise, you have to assume that David Griffin will have a chance to turn nothing into something as he has consistently over the past few years. J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, and others have been acquired for veritable vapor.1

I know it’s not fun to see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers go through all this strife, but remember the facts surrounding this team. It’s an optimist’s market with the Cavaliers. They’re worth betting on, and it’s worth going out on a limb and saying that there’s a lot of positivity in the struggles and getting them out of the way.

Your weekly moment of soccer zen…

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The prettiest songs my friends could come up with…

With all the noise on social media of late, I decided I needed to do something else with my own corner of the internet. I have loads of musician friends and friends who are walking musical encyclopediae. So, I put the challenge for everyone to come up with the prettiest songs they could think of and post them. I took those and created a playlist and it’s been great to listen to all week. Don’t overthink it, but give me the prettiest songs you can think of in the comments.

  1. Nobody tell Dion Waiters I said this, please! []