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2017 Cleveland Indians Positional Previews: First Base

Jim Pete and Mike Hattery continue the Cleveland Indians positional previews by heading on over to first base.

It turned out to be a much different podcast after the Indians signed Edwin Encarnacion. The question after that deal is how it impacts Carlos Santana. How many games will EE play at first versus Carlos? Are there any players in the minors who could challenge to get time or fill in if need be due to injury?

Here are our past positional previews:

2017 Cleveland Indians Position Preview: Catcher

Here’s the lineup:

1:15–First base should be an easy position to discuss

1:58–The Carlos Santana #hottake: Will Carlos Santana get pissed if he doesn’t play enough first base?

2:20–Carlos should play more first base

3:00–How many games might each play at first base?

3:20–Santana is “Quick like a bear”

3:45–Hattery cultural references

4:00–Encarnacion embraces Cleveland, and allows Jim to add his cultural references as well

5:00–Athletes are starting to integrate themselves into Cleveland

5:50–Jesus Aguilar…he’s our depth! Wait…HE’S OUR DEPTH?

8:40–Bobby Bradley and some long-term major league probability, having never played Double A?

11:10–Bradley is trade bait, and with Encarnacion, USE HIM AS TRADE BAIT IF YOU NEED TO!

12:10–Bradley concerns, but with impressive walk rates

12:48–Russell the Muscle references?

13:30–Organizational struggles with producing corner infielders

15:00–Santana and Encarnacion as the best 1B/DH combo…MVP considerations?

15:50–The line-up is going to be fun

16:29–Encarnacion is hitting fourth, so is Santana a lock as the lead-off hitter?

19:37–The Biggest Free Agent Signing in Indians history?

20:00–The Encarnacion signing, and what it means for Michael Brantley?

21:50–The very smooth close…

22:48–Michael Martinez…wha?

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