Terry Pluto on his new book and the Cavaliers Championship: WFNY Podcast No. 562

We’ve long been admirer’s of Terry Pluto’s at WFNY. He’s also been on the podcast a few times over the years, while also showing appreciation for the work WFNY does by being friendly with links and references back to our work. I was elated when his publisher reached out to us to make some copies of his book available for us to give away to our audience.

We’re giving three copies of this book away, so please leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite Cleveland Cavaliers championship anecdote since they won the title. We’ll select some random winners and try to get these books in your hands by Christmas.

If you don’t win a copy of the book you can buy it at the following locations:

TerryPluto.com for a signed copy

Gray and Company Publishers

Amazon.com for a regular copy

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  • LeBron returns home
  • Getting to write a Cleveland sports book about a championship
  • Chris Grant trying to fill a roster after The Decision and The Letter
  • Cleveland’s complex relationship to Dan Gilbert’s Letter
  • Dan Gilbert’s kitchen table meeting with LeBron in Miami
  • Pat Riley and how he’s looked since LeBron’s return
  • The Cavaliers plane ride to Golden State prior to Game 5
  • David Blatt and his strange run as Cavaliers coach
  • The halo effect of the Cavaliers championship on the Indians
  • Finally, I dragged Terry into some sad Browns talk