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Browns to play a game in London next season

via Cleveland Browns

Over the past few seasons, the NFL has played multiple games in London, England, hoping to get more fan support from the fans who consider football to be what we call soccer.

Next season, the number of games in London will increase from three to four due to the NFL wanting to their market in the United Kingdom to grow even more. With eight teams heading over the pond for one of their 16 games during the regular season, the Cleveland Browns will be one of those lucky (or unlucky?) teams next season, according to 92.3 The Fan’s Anthony Lima.

For what it’s worth, their game in 1989 was a preseason game, so this will be their first regular season game in England and outside of the United States in franchise history. The league’s first regular season game across the pond was in 2007. Since then, the NFL has played 17 games in London, a number that will climb to 21 following next season.

The real question is: if the NFL is trying to increase their market in England, why would they send a team that could potentially go 0-16 this season over there? It’s because so far, the league seems to choose some of it’s worst teams to send over. For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been forced to play one of their games there each season since this all started. No matter who is playing, English fans have continued to sellout the stadiums that hold the NFL games. That love of football, however, will be tested when the Browns go over. Will England’s die hards still sell out a stadium to watch the this team?

Along with Cleveland, the Dolphins, Saints, and Jaguars have also been confirmed that they will play in London. The other four teams are not known at this time. The Browns’ opponent for the game over the pond will be announced on Tuesday.

It’s been clear that so far, head coach Hue Jackson’s squad can’t get a win in the United States. Maybe they will be able to get one out of the country?