Clickbait, Skip Bayless, Browns in London, Jeff Fisher: While We’re Waiting

Vincent Alexander

Some weeks there are a cornucopia of topics that have been festering on the mind and there is relief in just getting the topics out onto these pages so that the mind might find more peace. This week has been one of them.

Clickbait winning

There was an outstanding thread about clickbait policies that began with how it applies to politics but ventured into modern day media in general. A fair warning though that once you start thinking about the topic, you notice it even more in your daily life.

The basic premise being there are too many machinations favoring clickbait over quality. ESPN is an easy example when their programming highlights people yelling at each other while burying their outstanding Outside the Lines or E:60 reporting to odd-hour viewing.

via @LukeRussert

via @LukeRussert

Over the course of Tuesday, I attempted to track when I successfully avoided clickbait versus when I succumbed to the siren call. I noticed that anything marked promoted I barely even noticed. My mind has successfully managed to filter past those ads. Similarly, anything that is obviously a link to a listicle or had extreme hyperbole attached went by the wayside. However, items with GIFs or that had vaguely interesting topics with easy response mechanisms were my kryptonite.

VOX might have won the internet for the single dumbest thing ever said by a major media corporation, which takes some doing. The fact that the premise revolved around Star W-A-R-S not admitting to be about “war” was fruit too close to the ground not to kick.

Graphics again were my undoing as Cleveland Scene’s fake contest for renaming the Indians has some admittedly cool designs despite ignoring both Fellers and Rapids as obvious monikers (not to mention the single greatest logo in sports). It was enough to get my brain thinking and pulled into a conversation on the topic online.

All is not lost though as clickbait might be winning the war, but it is losing at least one battle. Skip Bayless is about as clickbait as they come spouting off words whose only intent seems to be to create controversy without any basis in a known reality to the rest of humanity.

The hottest of takes are not saving his show from dying. Bubble Guppies is colorful, has some specific messages, and catchy tunes on Nickolodeon and is crushing him in the ratings.

Then again, the lyrics to Bubble Guppy songs sound as if someone was asked on the spot to come up with them. So, perhaps children clickbait is still winning the day.

Theme Song
Bubble bubble bubble, guppies, guppies, guppies
Bubble bubble bubble, guppies, guppies, guppies
bubble! bubble! guppies! guppies! bubble guppies

Lunch Song
What time is it? It’s time for lunch
What times is it? It’s time for lunch
What times is it? It’s time for lunch
Hey, what’s for lunch

Quick hitters

Myles Garrett

As long as the Cleveland Browns don’t mess things up, they will have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Myles Garrett, a pass rushing specialist out of Texas A&M, is by far the best player coming out of this draft in terms of talent. He happens to also have an outstanding work ethic and character by all who have reported on him. Don’t mess this one up. Trust the board. Just draft Garrett.

Browns in London

I have not seen anyone make note that there is another sadness about the Browns sacrificing a home game to London in 2017. The opponent is the inter-conference Minnesota Vikings. Due to the rotating NFL schedule, the Vikings only travel to Cleveland once every eight years. So, by giving up that home date, the Vikings might have 16 years between trips to Cleveland. The Miami Dolphins are in a similar situation with the New Orleans Saints, which I feel adds to the unfairness.

Jeff Fisher

Giving a head coach who is past his prime and has been middling during his entire tenure a two-year contract extension is dumb. Firing him eight days later is an unprecedented colossal mistake. The only plausible change that could have occurred during that eight day term is if a surefire head coach (basically Jim Harbaugh) told the Rams front office that he would accept the job. Anything else will come off as incredibly stupid. Or worse, laundering money to Fisher and his agent who happens to be the father of the current GM of the Rams.

Stipe Miocic demands to be read

Seriously, you do not have to be a UFC fan to appreciate Miocic’s essay he wrote for WFNY that posted on Tuesday. He is a Clevelander that loves the city, who is constantly showing his appreciation. Great example of some quality stuff. Here’s a snippet, but go read the whole thing:

Another memory from that night was the “After Party”. It was my coaches, wife, brother, cousins, a friend from the fire department, and a couple of guys from the UFC—maybe 13 people total in a deserted banquet room lobby of our hotel. We were drinking wine and laughing like idiots, and it was the coolest party of my life. The next day, someone sent me the picture of Werdum hitting the mat with 2:16 on the clock. I couldn’t believe it, but looking back on it, it seems like destiny.