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What if “The Drive” didn’t happen? (Video)

NFL YouTube The Drive

What if the Cleveland Browns would have held on to their lead back on January 11, 1987. What if it were Bernie Kosar and team who actually drove down the field, leaving the Denver Broncos to have nightmares for the next decade or so? Well thanks to the NFL, we have an entertaining, Ghostbusters-themed view into the past.

In a very-well produced video that serves as a part of their “N if L” series, we get to look at the butterfly effect of Marty Schottenheimer’s prevent defense against John Elway and the Broncos. What if it were the Browns were heroes? How would this impact the next season’s matchup? Who would have won those Super Bowls? And more importantly, what would have happened to Elway and would the Baltimore Ravens even exist?

Given the Browns’ current 0-1o record, we could all use a little football-related levity in our lives. You could do a lot worse than letting the video below carry the weight. Happy Saturday, you guys.