Anything to Add, Monty? – Episode 8: Draft Day with Craig Lyndall

WFNY Podcast

This is what got this whole mess started: I shot out a tweet to Craig about having him do a guest spot on our sports movie podcast about Draft Day. He did, and we had a lot of fun. A few weeks later I was a guest on the WFNY podcast and to the dismay of some I became a regular guest and host of the WFNY podcast myself. So lets look back to that day in 2014 and a movie that is more infamous than famous.

A brooding Kevin Costner stars as the GM of the Cleveland Browns. We take actual intrigue about the NFL Draft, add a strange love story, some family issues, and about 1850 phone calls. Sprinkle liberally with one “hilarious” intern, and out of the sausage grinder we get Draft Day — the NFL’s love story to itself.

This is a fairly early episode of “Anything to Add, Monty?” so some of our newer segments haven’t appeared yet. But being that today itself is in fact Draft Day, this might be something to use to kill the time until tonight.