2015 WFNY Author Spotlight: Best of the rest

Here at WFNY we have spent the past three plus weeks celebrating the 2015 writing of fourteen different regular contributors to the site. However, we would be remiss if we did not also include a posting to also celebrate those writers who might not be regular contributors anymore, but still added some great value to the 2015 pages of WFNY.

So, with the last post in the Author Spotlight series, we give thanks to the contributions of five writers who have graced these pages in 2015. Thank you for these and the rest of your works guys.

The Other Contributors

TD Dery : A picture is worth 1600 words

TD Dery

Jon Steiner : So about that open WFNY Indians writer position…

Jon Steiner

Jordan Zirm : Playoffs will set Kevin Love free

Jordan Zirm

Kirk Lammers : Classifying LeBron’s Turnovers

Colin Hass-Hill : What purpose to mock drafts serve?

Collin Hass-Hill

WFNY’s 2015
Author Spotlight Series

Scott Sargent
Craig Lyndall
Andrew Clayman
Jessica Forrester
Joe Gilbert
Richard Pietro
Michael Bode
Will Gibson
Kyle Welch
Jacob Rosen
Greg Popelka
Dave Sterling
Josh Poloha
Corey Barnes