2015 WFNY Author Spotlight : Best of Corey Barnes

WFNY is proud of our assortment of writers and podcasters and are especially grateful to be blessed with its daily readership/viewership. As part of our year-end festivities, WFNY has put together an Author Spotlight series to allow the readers to get to know the writers a bit better by pulling back the curtain on their thoughts and pulling in some of their favorite pieces from the year.

We hope you enjoy a quick look back at Corey’s 2015 year in writing and maybe find something you like that you missed the first time around. Have the Hap, Hap, Happiest New Year you can and we hope you continue blessing us by reading (or watching) the site. Thank you.

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Corey Barnes Quick Biography

2015 marks my first proper year of writing for WFNY. I have been lucky enough to dissect the Cavaliers, Indians, Browns, and Buckeyes while justifying the gallons of research I do in my spare time. Since relocating to Washington state these articles have kept me tethered to my home in Northeast Ohio and makes the distance seem much less vast. Out here my fanhood places me in the extreme minority but when asked, “Where are you from?” I still answer with a smile, “Cleveland, Ohio.”

Five works that best describe Corey Barnes from 2015

With respect to our Sabremetric friends in the crowd, stats do not thrill me. I love fun facts and “Did you know”s but it’s the community around sport that enthralls me. Fans’ stories and first hand accounts always hold my attention longer than a next-day recap. For that reason I try to write about the stories and angles that interest me – other fans’ heartache, reminisces to games past, and the hope of what is to come. It’s the passion that unites us and keeps us coming back. It’s the passion that helps me write. After all, maybe 2016 will finally be Next Year.

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History : Big Ten Rivalry Trophies

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Hope : Is This Your (Wild) Card?

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