Browns to wear all-white vs. Titans


After sporting a new-look take on the Kardiac Kids-style brown and orange combination in Week 1, the Browns will be wearing a look more fit for Wimbledon in their home opener: white jerseys and white pants, along with brown socks.

This will be the fourth time, including preseason, that the Browns have worn the white tops, and the second time out for the white jersey-pants combo. They wore the white-on-white look in their preseason opener against Washington — a 20-17 loss — but with orange hosiery rather than brown.

They wore orange pants and orange socks last week against the Jets, which created something of a unitard look:

Danny Wild/USA TODAY Sports


The Browns uniforms have received mixed reviews, but it should be said that last week’s ensemble was a touch on the garish side. The whites offer a cleaner look, and the orange numbers read more easily against a white jersey than a brown one.

Ron Schwane/AP


The wait continues, however, for the orange tops. Saving them for Monday Night Football, perhaps?