Could this be the new Browns Alternate Jersey?

Cleveland Browns Jerseys

Cleveland Browns president Alec Scheiner could be a very angry man this evening. An image circulating on Twitter shows what are claimed to be the team’s new orange alternate jerseys. The image shows the front and back of what appears to be a jersey for Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden, complete with the new “brighter” orange with a “Cleveland” wordmark across the chest, drop shadowed numbers, and the Browns trademark helmet stripe on the sleeves. The Cleveland wordmark would be an NFL first.

Since the Browns announced their intention to rebrand and re-outfit the team two years ago, the dennisons of the Internet have been “leaking” their own versions of the Browns new uniforms. Most of these were based on the work that Nike had already done for teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but these seem to be a departure from those design styles.

Even if this turns out to be a hoax, the creator of this image would have to be credited as having an eye for detail. The letters and numbers on the jersey appear to be in the new type-face revealed in February. Nike logos and tags are represented in their proper locations. Additionally, the phrase “DAWG POUND” is printed on the inside of the collar of the jersey, a feature similar to many soccer jerseys Nike has designed over the past few years. Hanging behind the jerseys are what appear to be t-shirts featuring the new “Dawg Pound” logo. None of these details would confirm that this image is the real deal, but this is one of the more convincing designs to come from the microblogging platform.

If they are just a hoax, the team in Berea could be having a laugh. If they are real, however, you can be sure heads are about to be rolling down Lou Groza Boulevard. The team is scheduled to unveil the long-awaited uniforms later this month.