The Cleveland Cavaliers let fans become real life arcade game characters

How dare anyone say that the Cavaliers are wasting valuable resources by spending upwards of $1 million on a 3-D on-court projection system. If the awesome pregame introductions from the end of last season and this season hadn’t convinced you that it was worth every nickel, then how about a simulation video game where fans can be playable characters?

In one of their recent home games at Quicken Loans Arena, two fans had the opportunity to compete in a coin gathering game as a polygonal coin-devouring ghost/gnome/monster/robot chased them around the floor.

The end result is incredibly cool, and Cavs fan Josh described the experience as being “like I was in Tron,” but, presumably, with less Daft Punk and kids on ecstasy.

If the Cavaliers organization wants to make some money off this projection screen, they should open the arena on weekends and charge people to come participate in arcade games. Who among us wouldn’t drop $20 to be a part of a real-life game of Pac-Man? That ghost Clyde is so smug; I’d love to give him a piece of my mind.

Props to the Cavaliers for deploying technology in cool ways, and there’s certainly more ways to put the projection system to good use. As far as in-game entertainment game, the virtual reality game is cooler than listening to another Pitbull or Drake song at 100 dB. There’s no sense waiting for the future. The future is like, here now, dude.