Is Carlos Santana Cleveland’s Best Twitter Account?

Carlos Santana Twitter

If one was to rank Cleveland athletes by who would be the best to follow on Twitter—be it due to charisma, penchant for intriguing statements, or simple awesomeness—where would Indians slugger Carlos Santana rank? The Tribe’s catcher turned third baseman turned first baseman (and sometimes designated hitter) has taken his quiet in-season approach and crept on to the Twitter scene like 5-foot-11-inch, 200-pound ninja.

Santana joined the microblogging world in early September, doing so as “CS41MLB.” Since then, he’s turned in to one of the most engaging personalities in Cleveland sports, polling fans, posting candid shots and replying to countless amounts inquiries on topics ranging from hobbies to other Cleveland teams.

Follow along as we take the journey and watch the evolution that is Carlos Santana: Twitter Personality.

Only the fifth Indian to ever club 25 home runs and draw 100 walks, Twitter instantly became good luck for ‘Los as he clubbed two more bombs against the Detroit Tigers—and lived to tell about it.

It wouldn’t take long before Santana learned how to get fans going, tweeting pictures of some better times…

And tiny dogs…

The robe in the dog picture drew immediate reaction as Santana immediately cranked up the knob on the goofy pose dial, showing that one of the city’s quieter athletes may actually be one of its more entertaining members.

Then the season came to a close, but Santana left fans with a few promises for his offseason.

THEN came the real fun as Santana started engaging with fans.

The whole “Slamtana” thing started to stick, and Carlos quickly decided that, after just a few months on the scene, needed a new Twitter handle.

So “CS41MLB” became “TheRealSlamtana.” And then the fun began.

The trip to Japan may have been Slamtana’s watershed moment, but it was his return to the Dominican Republic that made for some of the more engaging tweets of the catcher-third baseman-first baseman’s brief foray. Take, for instance, these mid-Buckeyes game examples.

During the Browns game, as Cleveland watched the beginning of the Johnny Manziel era…

The Indians may not have made the postseason, but Santana and his incredibly consistent 3-plus wins above replacement (WAR) adding social media to his resume may—for better or worse—be the biggest thing to hit the Tribe this offseason. Who needs the Hot Stove anyway when you can have Hot Takes?