A trick play, an interesting fact and stepping aside …While We’re Waiting


Perhaps you’ve seen this making the rounds. Arkansas State tried a fake punt against Miami. It was one of the least successful fake punts you will ever see. The first time you watch it, you will of course follow the path of the ball and see what a terrible pass it is. After the first viewing, turn your attention to the receivers at the bottom of the screen.

That was hilarious. What in the world was he doing? Well, someone found out

“Because of the formation we were in for that fake punt, Booker was covered up and couldn’t go downfield, or it would be a penalty,” Anderson told College Football 24/7. “So we said, ‘What do we want to do with him? Do we want to bubble him or peel him out?’ Someone said let’s just let him be a fainting goat. I loved it, so we just put that in. His job on that play was basically to not get a penalty by going downfield, because the fake was on the backside of the play. These kids have had five head coaches in five years, so we try to let them have fun.”

The best part is that after the interception, the WR was drilled.


 Your uni-nerd news of the week.

Here’s a job I would love. Some may say it is boring. Not this uni-nerd.

Also, there was more scuttlebutt on twitter Tuesday that the Browns are going to go with a logo on the helmet. This would go completely against everything they have told us. I’m not buying it.


Found this to be a very interesting stat

“Not only did Colston go without a catch for the first time in 86 games, he was in on 59 percent of the Saints offensive snaps but not once did Drew Brees throw a pass in his direction. Though much was made of Jimmy Graham’s 10 catches and two touchdowns, the Browns secondary actually did an outstanding job of limiting the New Orleans passing game and holding them to just 24 points.”

In the second half, I would argue that Brees had no reason to go anywhere but Graham’s direction, but not even a target for the whole game? Does he have an injury that is slowing him down? Anyone watch the game again and notice Colston open but Brees ignoring him? Could the Browns have been that good against him?


You should know Brendan for his work at Stepien Rules, and if you have been around WFNY for a while you will remember him as one of our weekend editors. Really happy to see Brendan get rewarded for his good work with SLAM, and can’t wait to see what he does with the opportunity.


That leads me to my final item for the week.

Just about seven years ago now, I sent an email to Scott and Andrew. The three of us were writing our own individual Cleveland sports blogs. I asked them if they might be interested in collaborating on a new joint venture. At the end of January 2008, we launched WFNY. It has been quite a ride from that first month.

Today, I am stepping away from Waiting For Next Year.

Life situations and circumstances change, and I feel privileged to have been on this ride for so long. The site has given me more opportunities than I ever thought I would have. If you don’t already know, I have been working part time for FOX Sports Ohio.com since March, and am looking forward to increasing my opportunities there over the coming months. It has become too much for me to juggle jobs, family and WFNY. So I will be stepping away.

I know the site will continue to thrive. There are more writers now than ever, and I know Scott, Craig and Rock will guide the ship in the right direction. The door is open for me to contribute whenever I want, which I appreciate.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the site, whether a writer or the community of readers and commenters here. It has been my honor. I treasure the relationships I have made through the site, and I know those will last long after I have typed my last on these digital pages.

Here’s to hoping next year happens soon. Until then- I thank you.