Johnny Manziel riding in to Cleveland—on a chariot

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

The New York Times published its NFL preview over the holiday weekend, and wouldn’t you know: America’s most popular second-string quarterback was the cover story.

The lead article describes a Cleveland fanbase starving for a winner (which is true) and ready to hail Johnny Football as its savior (not sure how true that is.)

The image associated with the article is of money-posing Manziel, donning a cape, coming into town on a chariot much like a Roman Caesar, with the Cleveland skyline behind him and ticker tape falling from the sky. (It appears the setting is in Tremont. Maybe Ohio City?) Driving said chariot is hometown quarterback Brian Hoyer who appears decidedly less excited to be surrounded by screaming fans. Perhaps it’s the “JF” emblem which brandishes the solid gold carriage.

With a mediocre preseason at best, Hoyer kind of backed into the starting spot. Had Manziel shown a little more consistency or grasp of the offense you have to wonder if Manziel wouldn’t be under center for the start of the Pittsburgh game this week. For now, this Matt Collins illustration will be the closest thing we have to a parade down E. 9th.

Manziel Hoyer Body Image

And if more Johnny is what you long for, Collins also illustrated some Browns-based items with a little JF twist.