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Cha-cha-cha changes …While We’re Waiting

Welcome to day two of the new WFNY design. Thanks for your comments and feedback on the elements of the redesign. We really do appreciate them, and are taking them into consideration. Several items have been noted and are in the process of being changed. We do ask your patience as we get through the next couple weeks and get everything the way we like it.

I want to add a thank you to Andrew, Scott and Craig who were all instrumental in the planning of the new look. Andrew worked closely with our designer John on the nuts and bolts technical side and deserves kudos for those extra hours. Scott as always supplied vision and direction, and Craig was also a big part of the design process.


Terrelle Pryor was cut by the Seahawks. This wasn’t a surprise, or it shouldn’t have been. Long before Pryor was part of the destruction of the Tressel era in Columbus, it was obvious to me and I know many of you that Pryor just didn’t have what it took to be a quarterback in the NFL. He can’t make all the throws. He floats too many passes. I actually got into a twitter argument a few years ago with LeCharles Bentley about Pryor. There’s a chance Pryor ends up on someone’s practice squad. But that’s about where he belongs. Hey, some guys should really take advantage of every snap they can in college.


Ugh. That Tribe game last night. Scott will have the full story up shortly, but this tweet about sums it up for me.


Speaking of Browns and twitter, this is just a great idea by the team to give the fans some kind of input. I personally like no paint fill in the end zone, but kudos to the staff for getting the fans involved. This kind of thinking gives me hope that the new uniforms will have a nod to the fans that we will love.


Baylor played in their new stadium this weekend. Looked great, but on second glance…


Love LetterAnother new board game review for this week. Actually, this one isn’t really a board game as it is a small card game. The game is called Love Letter. Don’t turn your nose up instantly because of the name or the theme. This game is a winner.

In Love Letter each person is trying to get three letters through to the princess. The first player to do so is the winner. The deck is small, as each player only takes one card at a time. The cards are different characters, from the princess, to the king, all the way down to priests and guards. Each card also has a numerical value and a set of instructions for how that card plays. On your turn, you draw a second card and then decide which card to play. Your goal is to eliminate the other players so that your love letter gets through that round. The last player left in the game wins that round and gets a letter through.

At the core, this is a deduction game but with a bit of luck and risk involved. One of the cards is randomly removed at the start of the game, so you never know with 100% certainty what cards are left in play. The game is designed for 2 to 4 players (but don’t play with 2) and any age will enjoy it. It is also so compact that you can really take it with you anywhere you go. Throw it in your wife’s purse and break it out at a restaurant.

This game could have a 100 different themes slapped on it and be successful. It is simple to play and teach. It plays in anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour. It is another great filler, or short game. You can find it for around $10 on Amazon or at your local game store. Haven’t seen it in any of the huge retailers yet.