Draft day is here… While We’re Waiting


Draft rumors galore. — Jay Glazer’s report about the Browns not drafting Manziel at No. 4 caused ESPN to delete its previous report, which said the exact opposite, per Awful Announcing.

In the Dawgs By Nature staff big board, Manziel is actually ahead of Teddy Bridgewater for everybody. That’s somewhat surprising to me, no? At the same time, Mike Maycock’s mock draft has Blake Bortles (at No. 11) as the only QB in the top 15.

But if you really want my recommendation for a tool to use to mill the draft rumors, check out Brian Burke’s neat visualization of draft odds. It shows the percentages a player might be available at a certain pick, based on the top mock drafts out there. It’s pretty neat.

Local media roundup — A shoutout: Being a local sports beat report is a thankless act. On draft day, I hope to give a loud shoutout to those in the local media that have covered this draft with hundreds and hundreds of reports for their paid job. It’s easier and more relaxing to just do this blogging thing with no commitment. But dang, I really do feel for all of these folks. It’s a tough life.

Here’s what I’m seeing on the Twitters from our Browns writers right now: Tony Grossi’s 12th mock draft discusses trades that could lead to a cornerback. Nate Ulrich gives his five bold predictions, including no QB at No. 4. Mary Kay Cabot’s top scenario features a Wakins-Carr-Roby haul. Zac Jackson wrote that it’s risky to leave the QB selection up to chance. And that’s why Jeff Schudel has Bortles as his pick.

On math and QBs — As you read yesterday, the Browns reportedly spent $100,000 for some fancy analytical review of the quarterback prospects. That has led them to a reported infatuation with Bridgewater. Ironically, however, there are actually some Internet articles that agree. It’s crazy, I know!

From the mathematical articles I’ve seen: NumberFire’s Jim Sannes has Bridgewater as his top guy, noting his games played make him a bit more confident rather than Manziel. RotoWorld’s Greg Peshek also had an excellent charting article in January, showing how Bridgewater threw more difficult passes and completed them at higher rates. DraftMetric’s complicated risk analysis has Manziel higher.

So some sites could buy into that Bridgewater analytics narrative and wouldn’t have cost the Browns $100,000. It’s kind of a silly narrative at the very last minute. Again, as I’ve quoted before, analytics isn’t a strategy.

The Shot turns 25 — I know, I know. This is the last thing you probably want to relive. But Esquire’s Sean Manning has an article about 10 things you didn’t know about that infamous Jordan-Ehlo play. Here’s just one tidbit.

7. Jordan wasn’t yelling in euphoria after “The Shot.” He was trash-talking Cleveland fans.
A second after Jordan’s shot went in and the final horn sounded and Ehlo despairingly collapsed into a heap on the court, Jordan again leapt in the air, fiercely pumping his fist. He gave several more fist pumps and yelled, “Go home!” at the dumbstruck Cavs fans, of whom Wilkens wrote, “I’ve never heard 20,273 people so painfully silent.” It was a surprisingly emphatic reaction considering he’d been so confident in the outcome.

Tweets of the week — And my usual favorite segment is back. Here are some of my favorite tweets of the week. These aren’t necessarily endorsements, of course, but just a random collection of interesting Cleveland-y things.