While We’re Waiting… Strike one, you’re out?

While We’re Waiting is the daily morning link roundup that WFNY has been serving up for breakfast for the last several years. We hope you enjoy the following recent collection of yummy and nutritious Cleveland sports-related articles. Anything else to add? Email us at

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“Cleveland, despite years of failures on the football field just as painful as those of the teams on the diamond, is a Browns Town.

It can be a Tribe Town too, though. There are no reasons it can’t or shouldn’t be. The fans just have to be behind the team and support it, through thick and thin, just as Browns fans have remained loyal to their football team despite losing records in 12 of 14 years since their return to the NFL in 1999. In just three years have the Browns lost less than ten games in their 16-game schedule. Just once have they advanced to the postseason.

Is it really that hard to juggle an allegiance between Major League Baseball and the National Football League? Even when the NFL regular season gets rolling next month, how many times will Browns football games interfere with your ability to view Indians games? Only the first quarter of the Browns schedule overlaps with that of the Indians, and it accounts for just four September Sundays (barring an Indians postseason appearance, of course).” [Toth/DTTWLN]


“The wonderful thing about baseball is that even the impossible is still possible. For example, during the Midland Rock Hounds (Oakland A’s) Double-A battle against the Corpus Christi Hooks (Houston Astros) on Friday night, Rock Hounds third baseman Vinnie Catricala pulled off something so rarely seen, I had to triple check to make a sure it actually existed.

In one single pitch, Catricala struck out against Nick Tropeano. You read that correctly. One pitch.” [Townsend/Big League Stew]


Very interesting read. “A quick story. The week I bought the Mavs I was asked by Nellie if I wanted to bag the season in order to get the best draft pick that we could. My response was “No. At some point this franchise has to learn how to win and develop a culture of winning. You don’t create that culture by tanking the season. I don’t know how many games we can win, but we are going to try to win every one of them.” Thank goodness we didn’t tank the season It wasn’t a very good draft. And that turn around for the rest of the season helped define who we were and are to this day.” [Cuban/Blog Maverick]


Buckeye fans, get your photo fix from 2013 camp here. [Eleven Warriors]


College all stars beating a pro team? It happened. “After all, Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers were not supposed to lose to a group of talented but untested college football players, exhibition game or not. In the history of the contest — originally called the Chicago Charities College All-Star Game and started by Chicago Tribune sports editor Arch Ward in 1934 — the amateurs beat the pros only eight times prior to that day, with most of those victories coming before 1950, when college football was more dominant.

Half a century later, the upset is still seared in the players’ memories.” [Loverro/Sports on Earth]