While We’re Waiting…Welcome Back Browns

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Football is here, and so is Brandon Weeden: “None will be more scrutinized than rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden.

In the preseason, Weeden was 24-for-49 passing for 297 yards with no touchdowns and one interception.

“By all measures, this would be the next step for him,” Childress said. “The speed of these regular season games, I think he has come along just about like you’d expect a rookie quarterback to. I don’t think it has been too big for him. I think he has gone about it very methodically.”

Sunday’s game, like this offseason, will be anything but methodical for Weeden and his fellow rookies. More like chaotic, but if the Browns are going to ever improve it starts in week one.

Here we go, it is the first of 16 of these. Football is back.” [Don Delco/The OBR]

Measuring the respective runnings games today: “Not including the times when Vick runs, LeSean McCoy is the Eagles workhorse back. In many ways, I think you can liken McCoy’s abilities in running and catching the football to the expectations that Trent Richardson faces. Richardson practiced all week for the Browns after missing the preseason, and it appears as though he’ll be ready for the opener.

The question still looms on how many carries Richardson will receive. You even have to wonder if the Browns will start Montario Hardesty and use Richardson as a substitute back for the first week, much like the Jaguars are doing with Maurice-Jones Drew. I expect Richardson to start and see 60 percent of the snaps, with Hardesty and Brandon Jackson seeing the other 40 percent of the snaps.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature]

It’s never about baseball with the Tribe: “It’s not complicated. It’s trust. The Detroit fans trust their owner to do whatever it takes to make their team better. Illitch clearly wants to win a championship at all cost, and has the means to do it.

The Dolans don’t have anyone’s trust, and Chris Antonetti is either an extension of that, or the cause. The Indians have been on the verge of doing damage a few times since the Dolans have purchased this team, and in each case, they didn’t make the final push to take the team over the edge. This culminated in the 2011/2012 season, when the Indians failed to capitalize on the “all-in” mentality that Antonetti prescribed to when he dealt for Ubaldo Jimenez.” [Jim Pete/Indians Prospect Insider]

The collapse of the Tribe’s rotation: “And if you want to know what has killed this team this year, it is that inconsistency from the two players that were being counted on to front their rotation.  Because when Masterson (4.84 ERA) and Ubaldo (5.58 ERA) rank in the bottom 10 among pitchers with more than 160 IP (meaning that they’ve been in a team’s rotation all year)…yeah, that’s going to sink these team – as it was put together – regardless of what Chris Perez thinks should have been done in the off-season.

Looking forward, that’s what becomes so disconcerting about this team, in that these two players – who have had MLB success and were being counted on to front the rotation – are the same two players that (right now) look to be at the top of the 2013 Tribe rotation and if the Indians’ manager (for now) reiterated his previous quote from the Morosi article to Hoynes that “this game is all about pitching,” where does that leave the Indians?” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Brandon Weeden’s big debut: “1. With Brandon Weeden will come some interceptions. The Browns will accept that as part of having a strong-armed QB who can throw downfield. Despite being 28, he’s still a rookie. But they also believe he can throw some touchdown passes. In 2007, Derek Anderson threw for 29 TDs. Since then, the Browns haven’t surpassed 16 in a season with five different quarterbacks.

2. The Browns wanted a quarterback who can “threaten the end zone with his arm,” as one team operative told me. It’s not a knock on Colt McCoy, just a fact that Weeden has a stronger arm. It’s a fact that in the last four years, the Browns have ranked between 27th and dead last in TD passes. Somehow, they have to get the ball in the end zone.” [Terry Pluto/Plain Dealer]