While We’re Waiting…Browns Opening Day Disasters, Modell And LeBron, Fujita’s Return

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Another new quarterback on opening day, and a litany of the disasters to start each season: “To recap the first 13 openers by the first 10 quarterbacks in a couple sentences: A thrown helmet, too much Steelers, too much drama, stuck in the huddle, stuck in the mud. And, in fairness, an upset win over a highly-touted Ravens team that had gone 10-6 the season before and had Super Bowl aspirations. Maybe the Browns can re-create that and pull the upset on Sunday.

Anything’s possible on Opening Day. Of that there is proof.

Brandon Weeden, we’ll be watching.” [Zac Jackson/Fox Sports Ohio]

Another national voice with Cleveland ties weighs in on Art Modell: “The shift of Art Modell’s personal narrative over the 6,148 days since he announced the Browns would move to Baltimore continues to confound. He was influential in growing football on television, the godfather of Monday Night Football, and for this his benefactors not only applaud him but look past what he did to Cleveland as if it were but a blip on his legacy and not the defining moment. A man is defined by the body of his actions, and to ignore the effect Modell’s selfishness had on a city that loved football, loved its team and needlessly had both thieved is the worst sort of revisionism, the sort in which Joe Paterno’s supporters engage: don’t let the defining moment of the man’s life color all of the good things he did.

While his sin was nowhere near as egregious as Paterno’s, Modell did slim-jim his way into the Baltimore market through backdoor politicking, vote-rigging and shady 1 percenter maneuvers.” [Jeff Passan/Yahoo! Sports]

A depleted Browns offensive line tries to deal with the Eagles pass rush: “Conversely, the Browns currently have only one healthy back-up offensive lineman, rookie guard/tackle Ryan Miller. Therefore, it is imperative that the Browns’ starting unit stay healthy and in sync in order for the offense to be able to move the ball downfield.

Look for Pat Shurmur to use tight ends Benjamin Watson and Alex Smith early and often to help out tackles Joe Thomas and rookie Mitchell Schwartz get a chip on the Eagles’ pass rushers. With the “Wide Nine” formation, it is very difficult for the offensive tackles to drop step fast enough to get in the way of the downhill pass rush the Eagles will throw at Brandon Weeden. Having an extra body lined up outside of the tackles may give Weeden the time he needs to find an open receiver down field on passing downs.” [Ryan Alton/SB Nation Cleveland]

More Cleveland ownership what ifs: “Indians owner Larry Dolan and Modell have both been the subject of fans scorn, for very different reasons. The funny thing is, if the two were able to switch the teams and sports they have been a part of, the Cleveland sports scene might be a far happier place.” [Craig Gifford/DidTheTribeWinLastNight?]

The effect Fujita’s return could have on LB corps: “That’s a huge boost for the Browns. When it looked like Fujita wasn’t going to be able to play, their linebacker corps was in disarray, aside from D’Qwell Jackson. Rookie James-Michael Johnsonhas an oblique injury that could force him to miss several games. It appeared as if the Browns would have to use inexperienced linebackers Kaluka Maiava, L.J. Fort and Craig Robertson against the Eagles. Some or all of those guys still could play, but Fujita suddenly has brought some stability back to the linebacker situation.


With Fujita back in the mix, Cleveland’s defense suddenly looks a lot better than it did a few hours ago.” [Pat Yasinskas/AFC North Blog]