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WFNY Fantasy Challenge: Vegas Anyone?

Another week, another fantasy baseball challenge brought to you by FanDuel.  We’ve had a few giveaways already, winners splitting their share of some relatively easy money. This time around, things get heady.


The FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship consists of 15 Friday qualifying tournaments that are only $10 to enter. Each weekly tournament has over $3,000 in prizes, but if you win one of the 15 qualifying tournaments, you and a friend win an all expenses paid trip to the Palazzo in Las Vegas the weekend of July 28 & 29. There, the 15 finalists will compete for $250,000 in cash prizes in a one-day fantasy baseball game with the winner taking home $100,000. Again, it’s only $10 to enter and you can enter as many teams as you want. 

Yes, that’s five zeroes and unlimited chances to take it all home. We know that the pay-to-play games haven’t been for everyone, but for an easy $10, $100,000 seems like one heck of a payout. Need more details, we got you covered.

As always, to qualify, you have to enter through our customized WFNY page which can be found right here. Good luck to all!