Kyrie Irving Plans on Winning Two Rings, Never Thinks About Leaving Cleveland

In a recent post-Rookie of the Year interview with a member of GQ Magazine’s on-line blog, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving shed some light on his goals both on and off of the court. He offered some thoughts on movies to watch — mostly musicals — as well as “saying no” when it comes to NBA players notoriously spending all of their money; Irving has a mandatory savings account in which a portion of his salary is locked up where it cannot be accessed.

But most importantly, at least to fans of the Cavaliers, the notion that another first-overall pick will not love and leave.

“[Leaving the Cavs has] never crossed my mind,” said Irving when asked if he has considered “LeBron-ing.”

I’m just trying to get things going again for ClevelandI want to make the playoffs,” said Irving. “Also, be a part of a special team where I can say, “Wow, I played with that guy, and that guy.”

While he thinks that James will not only win a championship this season but two more in the future, Irving steps up and says that he will have two rings of his own before his career comes to an end. Why?

“Because I’m Kyrie.”

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