Indians Attack Social Media on All Fronts

The Cleveland Indians started the day with a plan to rule Twitter in Cleveland.  By 8:45 AM Mark Shapiro was trending in Cleveland according to Trendsmap.  The Indians announced that Mark Shapiro and GM Chris Antonetti are now on Twitter.  With a single tweet apiece, the Indians’ brain trust was making themselves accessible to the fans.  All that pent up snark about Snow Days and country music concerts can now have a target, if that is how you wish to use it.  That was just the start for the Tribe.

They also unleashed a social media ticket discount.  By clicking a link and sharing the news with their Facebook or Twitter friends, Tribe fans were opened up to some ticketing deals.  But that wasn’t all either.

The Indians experimented last year with a social media deck in front of the bleachers.  The exclusive section featured wi-fi and a TV so that invitees could check out all the replays as well as the live action.  Well, creating that relationship with influential social media people is going a step further this season as the Tribe has moved the social media experience to a suite.

As of right now, there is no word as to whether or not the fridge will be stocked with complimentary beer.  We hope to be able to report back the affirmative based on first-hand experience soon.  If you think you are social media enough and would like to apply to be included in the festivities, you can do so on

Obviously a lot of you will turn your nose at all this because the Indians haven’t performed very admirably on the field since 2007.  Also obviously this doesn’t make up for the gutting of the team via trades over the last few years.  Simultaneously, I think it is undeniable that the Indians are trying to get back on track on the field, and are clearly leading the majors in initiatives off and around the field.  There is no doubt that this could all pay dividends when and if the Indians hit their next cycle of competitiveness.