While We’re Waiting…Trade Winds or Hot Air, Tribe Coaches, and More Midseason Grades

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Some more trick shots to start your day…


Seriously? How many misses before each make? These are the things we need to know.

Still not sure what you would get in return for him, any team that wants him that bad won’t want to part with talent- “The rumors are true that teams are inquiring about the availability of Cavs center Anderson Varejao. He plays his butt off and is a talented big man. Not a lot of players around the league play as hard as he does. There’s no plan right now to trade him unless the Cavs get blown away.” [Bob Finnan/News Herald]

Passing out grades. Is there a curve? “Linebackers C+ This is another position that has played much better this season then what it has in years past. I think we can still get a lot better at this position when we are ready to compete for the AFC North next season. I like Matt Roth a lot and also what a pleasant surprise Marcus Bernard has been this year. David Bowens had a career game last week against the Saints, but not sure how many years he has left in him. The team could use a couple more quality players at this position. [Randy Ward/Browns Gab]

Not ready to hit the Cavalier panic button yet. Yet. “The players will learn to stay in those comfort zones, how to rely on the offense to set them up, and hopefully, eventually, how to run off makes (!)… The only thing I could see really derailing this season is if the Cavs find themselves truly unable to guard. Athletically unable to match-up. But against most teams, I don’t think that will happen. I think the defense will come. So often tonight, the team looked disheveled and off with their once razor-sharp rotations.” [Ryan Braun/Cavs the Blog]

You have read our minds- “Interestingly, with Nagy now in Arizona and Joel Skinner heading to Oakland to be their bench coach, the scattering of former Tribe coaches continues. While Sandy Alomar, Jr. didn’t end up getting the Toronto job that he was a finalist for, is anyone else fascinated how the Indians’ system continues to be a bit of a feeder system in MLB?” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Makes me wish the Penn State game was this Saturday. They have to be ready for a letdown- “Leave it up to Michigan’s defense to make Penn State’s offense look not just competent, but downright deadly for a game. This year may end up being the swan song for both coaches in this game. The Rich Rod era, if it is truly over, was cut abruptly short by a defense that just couldn’t stop anybody ever.” [Eleven Warriors]