While We’re Waiting… Responsibility, Benard Update and Third Base Woes

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Nailed it- “When things don’t go well for the Heat, there’s one guarantee: James will never take responsibility. Here’s a man who quit in the middle of Game 5 to the Celtics a season ago, stopped playing in a conference semifinal and still wanted Brown and his supporting cast blamed like in the past. Here’s a man who needed Nike to make some kind of half-baked commercial apology that only came within the context of pushing his shoes. James knows only how to be about James, and he’ll sacrifice anyone to protect himself.” [Wojnarowski/Yahoo]

The latest word we’ve heard on Marcus Benard- “On Thursday, Browns linebacker Marcus Benard reportedly collapsed in the locker room, and he was taken to a hospital for testing. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Benard’s status “seems promising.” Precautionary testing is being conducted to rule out any problems, but the feeling for now is that he will be fine.” [Florio/Pro Football Talk]

I’m guessing this won’t happen- “We have a suggestion, thanks to local filmmaker Dan Wantz. The Cavs should run a continuous loop of Wantz’ short video on the large video monitors outside the Q all day on Dec. 2. The team should also show the video right before player introductions at the game. We don’t know if the Cavs have the balls to do this, but it sure would be fun.” [Red Right 88]

Searching for the third base solution- “Everybody ready for the battle royale between Nix and guys named Wes Timmons and Cody Ransom and Craig Stansberry and Pete Orr to become the “new Casey Blake”? Yeah, I think I’ll take the Kouzmanoff option…” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

A flashback to the ’86 Browns/Jets playoff thriller. [Browns Gab]