ESPN SportsCenter Removes LeBron-Vegas Blurb Mid-Show

As if the digital version of ESPN had not caused enough of a stir with their mysterious spiking of an alleged inadvertently published report, their on-air producers may also have some explaining to do.

During the 6:00 p.m. (EST) edition of SportsCenter on Wednesday evening, the topic of “LeBron [James] in Vegas” was in queue to be discussed right after Brian Kenny and company would dig into the “stock report” of one Chris Bosh.  However, after the flagship broadcast of the Worldwide Leader would go to their first commercial break, the James-based topic would disappear, instead transitioning directly into the ever-enticing talking point of “Pick Your Dream Team.”

The inexplicable disappearance of the James-in-Vegas topic on the SportsCenter broadcast is eerily similar to the dot com version of what took place hours earlier in the day.  After much inquiry, an ESPN spokesmen told various Internet sites that the Arash Markazi published report was not intended to hit the site at the time it had, despite at least one update – most recent of which being at 9:40 a.m. EST – a splash page graphic, a caption and direct link to the report in question.

Speculation has understandably bubbled up regarding various reasons for the report being pulled.  What may be inexcusable is that such a report can be the topic of discussion for nearly an entire day worth of news and somehow make the “rundown” of a live telecast almost 10 hours later.

(Update: As noted in the comments, the sidebar note in fact merely disappeared between baseball game recaps, no commercial break was needed.  Even better.)

H/T to WFNY reader JNields for the evidence