While We’re Waiting: Zone Blocking, End of an Era?, Footy Fun, and Burnin’ Stones

While We’re Waiting is where we chill every morning. If you guys see things that are proper chillin’ and want us to share, send them to our tips email address. If you want to proper chill with me today, I’ll be at the Pour House on Capitol Hill watching America go all America in Ghana’s faces. To the links!

Dawgs By Nature is running very thoroughly through Zone Run Blocking schemes for Joe Thomas et. al. I don’t know what it all means, but I like abstract art, and it resembles that. [Rufio, Dawgs By Nature]

Somebody pour Krolik a triple and put on some Buddy Guy – he seems down. “Everyone in this organization did their best. They were contenders. Things didn’t go their way. That happens sometimes. It doesn’t mean there were any bad guys involved in the equation. I’ll always wonder what would have happened had the ball bounced a different way in games 1 and 4 of the 2009 ECF, or if anyone was prepared for the Celtics in these playoffs. This was a heck of a team. They were a contender, and that’s all you can ask a team to be. All of that is over now; the next couple of weeks will tell just how over it is.” [Cavs the Blog]

Six things to watch for today – hopefully we’re watching Ghana become Ghan-ers! Get it? Like, the country’s name! But also like goners! Because they’re gonna lose to AMERICA! [Grant Wahl,]

Will Jake Stoneburner be utilized this year? Johnny thinks so, and he’s lived in Japan. I believe him. “So go ahead, tell me I’m wrong, tell me that the rise of a pass catching tight end at Ohio State is naught but a fever dream brought on by spring practices that rarely bear fruit. Just remember that when you see the terrible visage of a Burner of Stone catching footballs left and right sometime in the fall before trucking opponents and destroying all in his path, months before there stood Johnny, sounding the clarion call.” [ Johnny, 11w]

Oh, looks like LeBron isn’t planning on traveling on recruiting trips. Nope – you want him, you come to him. [Plain Dealer]